Being a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade, is committed to tapping business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers, and providing one-stop services for promoting the international trade between the two sides . Over the past few years, has become one of the most extensive and reliable web addresses for international trade. Our online directory contains more than 40,000,000 product listings of reliable, highly specialized and qualified Chinese suppliers.

     is a one-stop wholesale center connecting small and medium sized businesses to the most trusted manufacturers overseas. Smaller businesses are now able to gain access to premium goods that were previously only accessible to large major retailers. This improves their level of competitiveness in the global market. The vision of is to be the most trusted resource in making cross-border commerce borderless and easy for customers.

              inQbrands is a new kind of company dedicated to making cross-border commerce effortless and easy. A turnkey, go-to-market services company and global trade facilitator, inQbrands helps U.S. retailers, importers, global suppliers and manufacturers successfully bring new products into the U.S. market. InQbrands experts in the U.S. and China offer a full range of valued services from product sourcing, cross-border services, warehousing and logistics, to product development and design, branding and marketing, and sales strategy and execution.
              A U.S. corporation, inQbrands maintains a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers within China, offering tremendous opportunities to bring high-quality products to North American consumers, packaged and branded for this market, across a wide range of categories. The company's accomplished US team has worked on many of the top 100 most famous in the U.S. 

              inQbrands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Focus Technology, which also owns and, the foremost B2B ecommerce platforms for accessing China, with millions of suppliers in China.

              Doba Inc., a holding subsidiary of Focus Tech, is one of the major drop shipping service platforms in the United States. Focus Technology Co., Ltd. made the acquisition of Doba in 2015, and became the only channel for Chinese suppliers to join Doba.

               As a professional E-Commerce platform, is operated by Focus Tech. With their long-term business plan, has become one of the top historical and large scale B2B websites in Greater China, accumulated from several decades’ experience and worldwide reputation. Being second to none for B2B websites in Taiwan and as a communication bridge between global buyers and suppliers, provides the latest business news and media information to suppliers in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. To become a better facilitator of global trade for Chinese companies helps many suppliers open the door to the global market. 

              XinYiZhan Insurance Network was launched in September 2011, which had successfully docked with kernel database of over 90 mainstream insurance companies. The entire website provides users with one-stop services such as consultation, purchase, claim settlement, preservation and etc. For various insurance products. It is a popular online insurance shopping platform in China and has won many awards like "China's Best Insurance E-Commerce Platform Award" and "The Most Trusted Insurance Website by Consumers Award".?
              XinYiZhan Insurance Network is operated independently by XinYiZhan Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 839459). The company was established in December 2010 with a registered capital of 117.6 million Yuan. It is an insurance agency approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and is approved to operate insurance-related businesses in the administrative jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

    , a comprehensive platform to facilitate purchasing and supply business, also owned by Focus Tech. Started in 2011, is dedicated to helping enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency through procurement management cloud platform, supplier sourcing service, industrial product procurement service, supply chain financial service and online marketing service. By the end of 2018, has served more than 4 million domestic enterprises, and their annual intentional procurement value exceeded 100 billion yuan.

              Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards (MEI Awards) was initiated in 2011 in celebration of excellence in Chinese product manufacturing. The contest brings together the brightest of Chinese manufacturers to launch a series of outstanding products. These products will be showcased at global events where Chinese manufacturers will display their exemplary products and share industry insights.

              ©1996-2019 Focus Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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